Educative offer

In our center we offer an education from the First Infant Course (3 years) to 4th ESO. We have two lines in all stages and a total of 670 students.

Infant Education

Work at the earliest ages is essential for the optimal development of our students.

Primary education

Projects, bilingualism, virtualization and educational innovation in general are present every day in the classrooms of our Primary Education students. Our faculty does not get tired of implementing new techniques that make our students come every day with enthusiasm to class. We believe there is no greater success than that.

    Compulsory Secondary Education

    From 1st to 4th year of Secondary, characteristics are established in the person that will be fundamental for future growth. In addition to the educational innovation that we work for the correct development of Multiple Intelligences, our teachers take special care of personal relationships with students, having a fundamental role in the Guidance Department that, beyond the labor, is involved in the needs of each alumn @.
    And, of course, academics are of great importance so that the level acquired by our students is adequate for education that will continue in other centers in the future, so different activities are proposed from all subjects to deepen this learning: poetry competitions, Big Challenge, scientific activities, technological projects, robotics, reading and writing workshops, literary gatherings, etc.

    Actividades complementarias

    A lo largo de las etapas se proponen a los alumnos diferentes actividades complementarias en horario escolar con el fin de ampliar las áreas de conocimiento y los espacios de aprendizaje, de manera que, al finalizar sus estudios, hayan experimentado y aprendido en museos, parques, laboratorios, centros científicos, otras ciudades, entornos rurales, espacios de convivencias, etc.